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Professional Website Design for Businesses

Besides having a functional website that reflects the nature of your brand, its important that your pages are fully optimized and translate well to all devices - including, and especially, tablets and mobile phones.


You can save a few dollars by building your own website, but in the long run, its better to hire a professional.


We proudly offer affordable website packages, monthly website management, monitoring and hosting, e-commerce setup and operations, and are masters at the remodel - if your website is outdated or in need of some loving care, we got it! 

Professional Web Design With SEO

The Internet is a blessing to businesses. It increases the scope of growth potential by providing endless opportunities for publicity. The problem is that not all businesses know how to properly utilize it to expand their reach and for many it can be a daunting place if you don’t know your way around. 


Our Web Designers at KTMG have extensive experience carefully crafting cutting-edge websites from scratch into empires that continuously draw in new traffic.

We’re experts at optimizing your website with modern SEO techniques to stay in-line with constantly evolving search domain algorithms. We fine-tune your back-end specs to give your users an experience they want to keep coming back to.

SEO should be a top priority of every business that’s seeking growth. We believe in the importance of obtaining and maintaining a top-ranking spot on Google’s SERP to lead your audience directly to your website.

How to Increase Your Google Ranking

Web surfers are becoming experts at navigating their way through endless search engine results pages. They can tell which web pages are paid advertisements versus which ones contain what they’re looking for. You want your website to organically appear on the SERP so people don’t skim over your site without a second thought.


A web design that’s properly optimized will open up a line of communication with Google. That line of communication will spell out exactly what your website is about and why it’s a reliable resource.


SEO constitutes a wide-range of techniques including content, keywords, and title tags. Google invests a lot of bandwidth into sites that are easier to crawl through and that require fewer resources. When web crawlers can easily interpret the content on your website, Google will organically present your site as a candidate for its user’s potential selection.


Our skilled Web Designers create SEO-enriched sites that are attractive and crawled more easily. We embed your most popular keywords into your site in the initial phases of development. Implementing your keywords into your site while it’s still in its embryonic stages paves the way for continued future success. 


We also put a monthly SEO maintenance plan in place to keep your site landing in those first few spots on the SERPs for the long-term. This helps to steadily increase the organic traffic to your website over time.

What Happens When You Don’t Have a Web Designer?

There are so many different types of businesses out there. Likewise, there are so many different avenues one can take to build their website.


If you’re unfunded and in start-up mode, does it make sense to hire a Web Designer? Not necessarily.


If you’re a hobbyist that simply wants a digital presence to share their passion with the world, it might make more sense to use a build-it-yourself website template service.


This route is often preferable for non-profit organizations who are on a tight budget. There are dozens of platforms available for those who wish to create a memorable project without having extra revenue to spend, or much graphic experience and programming skills.


If you have a business that you want to grow, a professional Web Designer can help.


There are many Web Design companies in Toronto and beyond that you can choose from, but some companies do better quality work than others.


A Web Designer will take the time to understand your business and build a custom website that appeals to your target audience. They’ll craft a cutting-edge website for you that sets you apart from your competitors while embedding it with current SEO tactics to elevate your SERP status.


Web Designers are trained in modern marketing techniques and conversion principles to help you generate more sales.

Without the help of a professional Web Designer, your website won’t be fully optimized.


You want your audience to know that you’re a leader and expert in your field, right? If your website doesn’t appear professional, you may lose the interest of your audience before they’ve had much of a chance to engage with your brand in the first place. 

Visitors can tell the difference between a modern website and an outdated one. They have so many options at their fingertips, so you have a lot of competition to contend with at all times.


Search engine optimization - the secret ingredient to all successful websites. Without a Web Designer, your website will not be fully optimized with all the current SEO techniques that will keep your website competitive on the SERPs. 


Many Web Designers also wear the hat of SEO experts. They provide valuable technical optimization including loading speed, security, structured data, tagging and they integrate popular keywords into your site through the use of valuable content.


Functionality is important for your SEO efforts.


Google favors websites that are easy to navigate, have quick loading speeds, and are compatible across various devices.

The risks associated with building your site without a Web Designer stem from potential coding errors that you may not necessarily have the expertise to fix on your own.


Oftentimes, professionals are needed to refresh plug-ins or update coding.

 Our Web Designers Are Dependable 

If your website goes down, your audience can’t find you. With a Web Designer, this concern won’t need to cross your mind. They will have the knowledge required to keep your website up and running optimally at all times or fix it quickly in the rare case of an unanticipated outage. This saves you time to focus on your core business initiatives.

The Internet is constantly evolving and so are the web pages within it. If you’re including links to other websites within your site (which you should be doing to enhance your SEO), you need to ensure that those links are re-routing your audience to websites that are still active. 


Our Web Developers will consistently test and update the links within your website to ensure that they’re directing consumers to other reputable, active websites rather than dead-ends.

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