Social Media Training

It's always best to have an experienced professional manage your social media accounts, but what if you want to keep this management in-house?


We believe everyone should have a fair shot at his or her social media management, and that's why we've developed our Digital Training & Consulting Workshop.


This comprehensive program includes an on-site 4 session instruction with a Digital Brand Specialist who will provide your staff (and your business) with the knowledge required to strategize, post, and write efficiently. We will teach your team key activity guidelines and be available if they hit a snag once the course is complete. 


Our Digital Training & Consulting Workshop comes complete with continued monthly data reporting, 24/7 live chat support, live troubleshooting, and optional 24/7 account monitoring. 


This live instructional is also open to individual persons looking to increase their online presence and become their own Social Media Managers.


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