The Way Businesses Advertise Has Changed

SEO Professionals in Canada Can Help

When you hire a professional to audit, repair, and develop your website you will be taking the first step to increasing your online value on a multitude of levels.


Many business owners are not aware that there's a setlist of requirements they must meet in order to qualify for better rankings and increased reach on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you've never hired a Developer to take inventory, it's possible your website may be underperforming.


It's important that you have someone who's highly skilled with the fine details of search engine optimization to take a look at your current operations and ensure things are operating with the functionality and strength they need to continually increase your sales and build your brand value.

Benefits of Having a KTMG SEO Specialist Look at Your Website 


Our SEO specialists will analyze your website to determine if any possible issues could be impacting your user's experience.


We'll perform tests on page load times, navigation set-up and the structure of your site. 


We'll identify other websites that are targeting similar keywords and evaluate what those websites are doing well.


The information we gather from this assessment will help us determine what changes need to be made on your site to have the biggest impact.


Once the website assessment has been completed, our SEO specialists will have identified key priorities to optimize your site and boost search engine rankings.


We'll make adjustments to internal pages and strategically implement your target keywords. 


SEO isn’t a quick fix, it's a long-term strategy that requires consistent maintenance. Our SEO Specialists will continuously identify strategies to increase the traffic to your website for the long-haul.

Skilled Experience

Our SEO Specialists will continuously analyze our initiatives and make adjustments to our strategy when necessary.


This is especially important to ensure you’re seeing the results that you want. 


We'll run reports to let you know how our SEO initiatives have increased the level of traffic to your website and even how many phone calls and leads this has generated for your business.


This will ensure that you know the exact results you’re getting from your investment. 

Llifting Weights

Increase Your SEO

Our SEO Specialists will perform a thorough analysis of your website to determine where it’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) 

Puppy at the Vet

Increase Your Web Traffic

We'll make the required adjustments and bring your site up to speed with current SEO techniques to ensure that your audience can find you.

Chefs Discussing over Food

Increase Your Revenue

We'll optimize your site to ensure that web crawlers understand what it's about so that it can direct potential customers directly to you.

The Importance of Monthly

SEO Maintenance 

Perhaps you hired a web design specialist to carefully craft a cutting edge website for your business and your website looks great. It also has valuable content within it, but, you’re not having any new visitors or generating any new leads. 


The problem is most likely that your website hasn’t been optimized to appease SEO requirements. If Google doesn’t understand what your website is about, it isn’t going to direct consumers to it. 

Many businesses don’t have a competitive online presence because they’re missing the key ingredient; search engine optimization (SEO).


SEO is an ongoing process that lets Google know what your website is about and it tells Google that your content is consistently maintained and useful to your target audience.


By maintaining your website’s SEO monthly, Google will rank it favorably in the SERP.


This will increasingly enhance the visibility and user engagement of your website over time.


Google is evolving with the needs of its users. Users value quality content. Therefore, Google is now ranking websites based on the quality of their content rather than simply through keywords (although keywords are still a key component). Monthly SEO maintenance will ensure that your website evolves with the constantly changing algorithms of Google to ensure long-term, competitive rankings making sure that your target audience will always be able to find you.

Our SEO Specialists will perform a thorough analysis of your website to let you know where it’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) for your business’s target keywords while implementing ongoing SEO efforts.


We regularly monitor and adjust our efforts to keep your site at the forefront of your industry by staying current with constantly evolving SERP algorithms.

Outrank Your Competition

SEO Development for Small Business

Achieving a high ranking placement in Google’s SERP isn’t an easy feat. It takes consistent dedication and expertise. Many businesses nowadays are aware of the benefits of monthly SEO maintenance and they have campaigns in place to ensure their consistent competitive placement. 


Our SEO Specialists are skilled at narrowing down your site's competition and identifying strategic methods that they’ve used that could benefit your website.


Likewise, your competition could be watching every step that you make so they can capitalize on any of your setbacks, given the opportunity. Giving up your SEO efforts, or worse, not having any, gives your competition the upper hand to take your place and benefit from your loss.

Google is famous for dropping algorithm updates that change the way websites are ranked. Our SEO Specialists remain up-to-date with these algorithm changes and optimizes your website to fight for top organic spots consistently.

Without monthly SEO maintenance, an algorithm update may rank your website obsolete. Your website needs monthly SEO maintenance to stay competitive with constantly evolving algorithms.

Google wants to know that your website is constantly being maintained and featuring fresh quality material frequently. Some of the highest-ranking websites in Canada have new content added daily.

This is where our SEO Specialists come in handy, as you may not have the time, expertise or the resources to produce new material daily. We'll also ensure that your website’s content is properly optimized.

SEO Requires Ongoing Maintenance

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires patience, commitment and expertise.


Too many businesses erroneously believe that once they hit that organic number one spot on Google, that the hard work is done and they can loosen up on their SEO campaign. 


The belief that a business can maintain a position in a number one organic spot on a search engine results page (SERP) without an efficient SEO campaign couldn’t be further from the truth.


Although it may take time for the detrimental effects to come into play, a website without monthly SEO maintenance will surely fall from number one to number one hundred.

The good news is that if your website was previously optimized, it might take some time for your rankings to slip. The previous optimization may maintain a consistent stream of incoming traffic that the monthly SEO maintenance has been generating for some time.

However, your website will inevitably be replaced with other websites that are keeping up with their monthly SEO efforts. Within weeks or months, your business will notice a decrease in rankings and traffic because it won’t be ranking in the top results on Google’s SERP anymore.

A website without the intentional use of high ranking keywords is like bread without butter. Relevant keywords are a key factor influencing the growth of every business. Our SEO Specialists will help you determine which keywords are relevant to you and develop a strategy to pepper them throughout your website to increase your Google rankings.

Keywords are powerful sources of SEO. They connect your target audience directly to your content.


If your website isn’t properly optimized with the use of keywords, they simply won't be able to find you... but they will be able to find your SEO-savvy competitor!


There’s a steady influx within the self-employed and entrepreneurial community and many people are now working from their mobile devices and tablets while they’re on-the-go. Having the opportunity to sit down at a desktop computer or laptop is a privilege that doesn’t happen all that often for someone who has a full-time job while pursuing a side-gig in their free-time. 

In March of 2018, Google rolled out its mobile-first index. Websites now need to be optimized to allow the flexibility that our global community requires, and this is why Google will rank a mobile-friendly website much more favorably than its desktop-compatible only competitor.  

Your businesses mobile website must be SEO friendly and offer supreme functionality.

The Impact of "Bad SEO"

If your website is missing out on key SEO strategies, there’s no way for Google to know what your website is about. This will have an extremely detrimental effect on your placement within the SERP and your website won’t be visible to your target audience. This makes it nearly impossible to generate new leads and cultivate new business.

Businesses of Every Size Need SEO


Strategic use of sentence-structured keywords within your website’s content is king of SEO success!


Without the accurate use of relevant and popular keywords, your website may as well be spinning around in space, with no signs of civilization. 


Keywords are powerful sources of SEO. They connect your target audience directly to your content. If your website isn’t properly optimized with the use of keywords, they simply won't be able to find you.

Ask yourself, how did you find Kush Tools Marketing Group?

Search Engine Optimization.

Missing Keywords Will Prevent Your Audience From Finding You

Properly executed website optimization opens up the lines of communication between your website and Google, which spells out to the website crawlers exactly what your website is about and why it needs to rank in the top SERP results. 

Google wants to ensure that its users can benefit from your quality content. Optimizing your website means to speak the language that Google understands. If Google understands what your website is saying, it’s much more likely to endorse your website by advertising it to the global community.


If your website is missing out on key SEO strategies, there's no way for Google to know what your website is about.

Google dominates the search engine industry because it stays up-to-date and evolves with the changing needs of its global audience. With the increased digital connectedness in our global community, people can access the answers to their inquiries in minutes and even seconds, as long as they have an Internet connection. 


With so many sources of relevant content for people to choose from, the content itself must be competitive.

Google wants its users to have the most valuable answers to their questions in those top-ranking SERP spots. Therefore, the importance of up-to-date, accurate, efficient and relevant content on your website is crucial to ensure a competitive ranking. 


Without the consistent addition of fresh, quality content on your website, Google assumes that your business is not posting material that is up-to-date, accurate, efficient or relevant to its users.

Without optimizing your website, Google won’t pick up on the clues you’re dropping

that signifies that your website is valuable to its users.

Without quality SEO, you won’t be having many organic visitors to your website. This prevents consumers and other businesses from getting to know you and your brand. A huge source of visibility comes from third-party endorsement.

This can be achieved by having consumers share your content on their social feeds, or by businesses providing backlinks to your content. Without attracting attention to your website, no-one will know who you are, so you won’t be benefitting from the world of referral business.

Web Crawlers Understand Your Site Via SEO

SEO is an important ranking factor for Google, therefore your website should be fully optimized to have the biggest impact. Our SEO Specialists will bring your website up to full functionality to land it a competitive placement in the SERP.


If you would like to tackle your website's SEO without a professional, there are things you can do. 


Review Your Website to Ensure The Following:

  • Check for status code errors and correct them

  • Check the indexing of your site via the Google Search Console, and fix any errors that you find

  • Fix duplicate title tags and meta descriptions

  • Audit your website content by checking the traffic stats in Google Analytics, and improve underperforming content

  • Fix broken links

  • Submit your XML sitemap to Google via Google Search Console


Google Hates Slow Page-Loading Times


It’s all about improving user experience.


Google doesn’t want its users waiting for minutes for pages to load, therefore it is extremely crucial to optimize the loading times of your website pages. Page speed has a huge impact on traffic and conversions.


Although one of our SEO Specialists would be the most helpful in optimizing your page load times, there are a few things you could do as well.


Simple SEO Tips & Tricks

  • Reduce the size of files by compressing them 

  • Reduce DNS lookup time 

  • Use an appropriate hosting solution 

  • Minimize image sizes

  • Keep plugins to a minimum

  • social media management
  • social media management

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