Social Media Management Benefits

Social media has become one of the most important tools for any business. As platforms continue to evolve and trends come and go, it's incredibly important to have the online handling of your business run by a professional.

Some people may think of a Social Media Manager as a needless and expensive way to outsource advertising, but Social Media Manager's have special skills that your current staff (or self) will not have. It's those skills that will bring your business its most profitable asset.

Social Media Manager's are experts in the field of marketing and consumer relations. A properly structured tweet or post is not just written, it is sourced. It contains content that is specially worded for traffic, or structured in such a way that will help to increase your online visibility and reach.

Highly skilled Social Media Managers will design and manage a calendar for your networks, schedule posts, and curate content. They will also engage with customers, monitor your analytics and optimize your general online reach.

And those are just some of the benefits to hiring a Social Media Manager.

Save Time, Save Money

In the past its been reported that social media distractions cost American Business owners 650 billion dollars per year, roughly $4500 per company. Bare in mind, this is recreational surfing, which is usually considered "quick". It is estimated it takes the average worker 23 minutes to get back to task when distracted by social media.

Having the receptionist post to your Instagram might seem like a cost-effective method of marketing, but its actually damaging to your business, in more ways than one. When you hire a Social Media Manager you have hired someone who will take on the time-consuming tasks that are involved in handling your social media profiles, leaving your staff to their own duties.

A Social Media Manager will spend several hours per day making their rounds through your networks, at different and varying times. And they wont be just posting - they will be answering user questions, engaging with your current customers, searching for content ideas, reading your messages and checking your notifications. They will also need to look for content, think of write-ups, and post according to trending topics - which means they will also need to browse your homepages. All of this is very time consuming.

By hiring a Social Media Manager you will keep your productivity in line with your costs and have your staff focusing on their own responsibilities throughout the day.

Good Social Media Management Works

It's also important that you hire a Social Media Manager with the skills required to generate actual results.

For example, here at Kush Tools Marketing Group we have clients who have gone from 2 week wait lists to a 4 month wait lists, and clients who have seen considerable traffic increases, some upwards of 30% within a few short months. We also have a 93% retention rate and have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction or management changes.

These are the key measurements you want to consider when weighing your options of hiring a professional or having one of your staff manage your media. A professional social media management company will have a proven track record of increasing their clients profits and brand recognition.

Social Media Managers Are Precise

Curating content and sourcing it gracefully is how a highly skilled Social Media Manager will effectively engage with your audience. Content research can take much more time than you may think, and you dont want to leave that task to your current employees.

With all the time required it takes to source content you want to ensure it will be valuable and of good use. A Social Media Manager will know how to source content that will benefit your brand and increase your visibility.

The Numbers Matter

The best thing about social media networks is that everything you do (and dont do) is measurable.

A good Social Media Manager will monitor your ROI (Return on Investment) and track your Key Performance Indicators within each social network. Knowing how to capitalize on your data is essential to the success of your social media initiatives.

Beat Your Competitors

If you dont have a Social Media Manager yet, your competitors might not either. Perhaps they're trying to save money and have their secretary managing their Facebook. By hiring a professional to manage your networks you will be ten-steps ahead of other businesses in your area and industry. You will also be driving more customers to your business than those who aren't actively seeking them out.

The majority of consumers will research a company before visiting them. Make sure they can find your business by hiring someone who understands how to increase your online ranking through efficient content development and engagement.

Your Digital Footprint is Your Calling Card

One of the largest benefits to hiring A Social Media Manager (and their team) is that they have the skills required to target and engage with audiences who are most interested in your product or service. With rich experiences and resources they will develop your online brand and maintain it well.

A Social Media Manager has the skills necessary to create a positive and active community for your business. This will increase traffic, which will increase sales, which will increase your profitability.

By building and maintaining a strong following your new and unknown audience is much more likely to click through to your website. A good Social Media Manager will also know how to keep people coming back to your website and your register.

If you're considering social media management services reach out to us today.

Our friendly staff are here to answer all of your questions and help get you started.

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