What is SEO?

SEO, also known as "Search Engine Optimization", should be an integral part of your business online. You may have heard this term thrown around in conversation before, or mentioned by someone you've previously hired, but do you really know what Search Engine Optimization is? 





The Basics of Search Engine Optimization


Put simply, SEO is the means used to develop the value of your website, as per the search requirements of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, just to name a few.


The better the value, the more visibility you will have on search engines, and in other areas of the online world. There are certain things that Google (and all other search engines) require a website to have in order to obtain a good ranking.


If your website doesnt meet the set criteria your company will be buried at the bottom of search page results.


The extra kick is that your competitors, who may be actively maintaining their SEO, will outrank you. When they outrank you they will get the better part of the search engine traffic (people) which means that without a professional SEO setup you could be losing out on business every single day. 


SEO can be described as this:


Your website is the body of your business, your websites SEO is its internal health, and the result of your websites SEO measures  its quality of life. 




How Does Google Know?


When your website is optimized for search engines, as discussed above, it gets a better ranking.


There are key measures Google, and other search engines, will use to rank and categorize your website.


This is called "crawling." 


Search engines will crawl the internet and gather information about all the content it finds online. High quality content will get priority as all crawled data is brought back to Google for indexing. All search engines have a similar process.


Think of Googles crawler as a honeybee - only the best pollen is brought back to the hive.


As everything online is managed through algorithmic processes, that data is then sorted based on SEO, and shared with the online community when someone performs a Google search. 


A lot of information is moved around when you do a Google search. Google goes through its index to determine the most relevant search results to be returned to you. And to your customers looking for businesses like yours. 


Its for that reason that you want effective SEO.


How to Get Good SEO


Put simply, this a job for professionals.


When it comes to your SEO there's good, better, and best, and if you want to have high quality ranking results its important that you hire someone who knows their way around a website.


A good SEO company will be able to evaluate your companies platform to determine what needs to be changed and/or added in order to qualify for a better ranking. 


If you're interested in increasing your websites online presence reach out to us. Our SEO specialists are thorough, experienced, up-to-date on all current SEO strategies, and here to answer all of your questions.