Why Your Business Should Never Buy Followers

You're browsing Twitter and get a direct message from someone you've never met. They offer to sell you 5,000 followers for $100, and it sounds like a pretty good idea. Your business does need more followers, so should you take their offer?


It's no surprise you can get anything you want online and that includes followers to increase your numbers. But before you grab your credit card we want you to know that purchasing followers for any network in any capacity is bad for your business.  Below are 4 important reasons why you should never buy followers for any of your social media accounts




First of All, They're Fake


There are programs that exist that allow their user to create 1000's of Twitter or Instagram accounts within minutes. You may have seen them. Usually these accounts only have a few photos on their profile, have an odd ratio of followers, or are newly created. Sometimes they are referred to as "bot" or "spam" accounts, and that's because they are fake. 


Like cockroaches, they serve no real purpose, and bring down the value of your profile(s), which can impact and hinder your consumer interest. Not to mention that to people who view your profile it will be obvious that you have not legitimately gained your audience. Going from 300 followers to 30,000 overnight or within a short time will damage your integrity and reputation.


When your profile has been reshaped by purchased followers and likes its a turn-off to potential customers. 


No Nutritional Value


Because these accounts are fake they wont be engaging with your brand, reading your tweets, liking your posts or visiting your store. So what good are they? 


Purchased followers have no nutritional value. In fact, much like a fast food diet, these followers will make your accounts unhealthy. When it comes to the measures of brand value the quality of your followers is taken into consideration. If it's purchased accounts that are following you than your account has very little if any value.


It's Considered Bad Business Practice


You might think you're being tech-savvy by purchasing followers or likes, but your potential customers and competitors will see it the other way. There are websites that exist to expose the "frauds" who purchase followers. If someone is suspicious of you they simply punch in your profile information and an analysis will tell them how much of your profile is fake. Social Media Management by any business should have a primary focus on positive interactions. Buying followers isn't just bad manners, its completely unethical. 


If you'll lie about your popularity, what else do you lie about? If a customer notices your fake followers this will create mistrust which will most likely cost you that client. It's best to avoid the big black cloud that will hang over your business if you falsify your audience.


You'll Waste Content and Time


Maybe you post often, maybe you post seldom, but no matter how often you're posting if you don't have a real audience it's a waste of your time. Its also a complete waste of your content. With no real audience to view your post's and tweet's you wont garnish any results from your social media  efforts.


How to Get Real Followers on Twitter and Instagram


One of the easiest ways to get followers on social media is to share good content. A strong Social Media Manager will keep your audience interested and engaged by creating and sharing content that's currently trending or of high activity. Its these key factors that contribute to brand health.


Outside of that, there are very limited options. 



If you'd like to get real followers you can engage with, sell to, and are interested in your company, visit us here






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