Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate?

When it comes to your business you probably do everything necessary to ensure you remain above the grade. In terms of your online management, do you know if your website meet's all of Google's requirements? Is it safe for your customers while they're browsing?

Lets discuss SSL Certificates and how they can benefit your business.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate will secure your website with a form of encryption that prevents hackers from intercepting and misusing the sensitive data of your clients and visitors. This type of data can be credit card numbers used when making purchases, third-party passwords, or personal information left on contact forms and checkout pages.

Take a look at the URL of this blog post - do you see the https:// before the URL? This indicates that you are currently browsing a secure website. A website that is not secure will simply be marked with HTTP.

For the consumer, its become increasingly important to know that their communications, transactions, and data are safe from hackers and skimming. If you sell products on your website its incredibly important that you have an SSL Certificate. In fact, your potential customers may not purchase from you if your website is not secure. If you want to maintain credibility and keep your customers safe, an SSL Certificate is a must.

Does an SSL Certificate Impact SEO?

The Google God's prefer to keep all of us safe. That being said, having an SSL Certificate will not only give your business credibility, it may also help your ranking. Google has been taking SSL Certification pretty seriously lately, and without it you're probably damaging your business.

When it comes to the value Google places on SSL Certification, they've gotten pretty cut-throat. As of late 2017, Chrome started labeling all HTTP sites as non-secure. When people find themselves on a site that tells them it is not secure they're not likely to stick around, let alone make a purchase.

This is one of the most important reasons for you to have an SSL Certificate on your website.

How Much of a Difference Does SSL Make?

Its important to remember that an SSL Certificate is not a shortcut to a better Google ranking. It would be nice if we could just add this option and shoot up in our rankings, but it doesn't work that way. Without all other important SEO measures in place this wont make much of a difference for your business, but it's a great step toward better SEO and an excellent way to keep your customers secure.

If you're looking to increase your SEO and Google ranking reach out to us today.

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