How to Get Snapchat Followers

You've downloaded Snapchat, awesome! Now what?


An estimated 187 million people are using Snapchat everyday, and on average, open the app 18 times in a 24 hour period, according to Snap Inc. 


The users of this popular social media network generally spend between 25 and 30 minutes on the app every day.


Now that you've left your social media rock and joined the masses, its time to get followers, but how?


To understand the ways in which you can grow your account you first need to understand the vitals of Snapchats operating system. Once you can navigate the waters it will be easier to spot the land of followers. 



Who's Using Snapchat?


The more social media accounts your business has active, the better. Of course, some of those accounts will be of more value to your brand than others.


This can be especially true in Snapchats case, as an estimated 45% of the networks users are between the ages of 18 - 24, and roughly 70% of the general Snapchat population being female. 


If you have a business that sells products geared to an older male population then a platform where 71% of its users are generally females under the age of 34 may not be the perfect aid to your consumer reach.


But does that mean you shouldn't have a Snapchat account? Of course not!



How Does Snapchat Work?


The speed at which Snapchat moves certainly caters to its audience. Where most networks have you upload a post, Snapchat content is shared via "Snaps".