Tips for Working From Home

It's no secret that working from home requires a disciplined balance of efforts. It's not hard to develop cabin fever or burnout while the dishes pile up in the kitchen.


We've all been there. Maybe you can't afford a membership to a co-working space, or maybe you just enjoy the freedom of no make-up on a daily basis - whatever your reason for wanting to remain in your own dwelling during the business day, these tips will help you do it safely and with ease.



The Biggest Issue of Working From Home


When you work in a traditional office setting you have someone to report to.


Of course, when you work from home, you report to your clients. You meet their deadlines, answer their emails in a timely manner, and always seem to be available.


But no one is there to tell you when it's time to put on pants or stop texting your girlfriend.


And so a lot of people who work from home find it easy to get off-task, especially in the beginning, before they've developed a routine. This can (and will, eventually) make your workload feel unmanageable and overbearing, which offers it own nasty set of side effects.


You'll probably toss in a load of laundry, make three lunches, and find yourself playing Hungry Shark for a little too long - and that YouTube video that's a complete waste of your time? You'll watch it. 


And believe it or not, that's okay.


You do, after all, work from home, and a little bit of freedom is one of the best perks.


You're allowed to do things as you wish, and take breaks, many breaks, as often as you like. It's how you manage those "breaks" that is the most important. 


Allow Yourself a Bullshit Hour


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