Finding a Social Media Company

June 7, 2019

When it comes to finding the right Social Media Company, or someone to handle your SEO, there are a lot of boxes to check.


You want a team that's focused on generating a cash return on your investment. You also need a team experienced with effective SEO practices and outreach algorithms, something that is usually perfected over time, or you may be putting your businesses financials, Google Ranking, and likeability at risk. 


Only experienced digital engineers have a complete grasp on the most important components of a strong social media strategy and the most detailed SEO requirements.


Trusting your lifeline to someone who's inexperienced can cause very serious (and very expensive) damage to your business. We've helped many clients who have been taken advantage of by "agencies" that had no business working their portfolio in the first place. 


Because of that, we're here to offer some tips on identifying companies you'll want to steer clear of. 




Not All Companies Are Run by Professionals


We live in a digital age where websites are cheap to acquire and anyone (literally, anyone) can "start a business".


Its become commonplace for budding entrepreneurs to want to break into the world of Social Media Management, which is all well and good, except without proper training and experience they wont know how to effectively engage with your audience. Posting to Facebook on a personal level is not the same thing as posting professionally, and just because someone knows how to use the internet, doesn't mean they have the ability to do it in the manner needed to grow your business. 


There are different tools that Social Medi