What's The Cost of Social Media Management?

When it comes to hiring a Social Media Manager the cost's can vary depending on a variety of factors. The current state of your digital footprint, how many networks you want (or need) managed, the experience of the social media team you're interested in, and the scope of the work involved are all factors that will influence cost. Professional Social Media Management comes with a different investment price for every business.



 What Does a Social Media Manager Do?


In order to understand the cost's of Social Media Management its important that you first understand what it is that a Social Media Manager does. Ideally, if you've hired the right person, they have a daily task list related to your brand/business. This task list should include:


- Specialising in the development of relevant content topics that will reach your target customers or clients

- Creating, designing, and curating content regularly and on a predetermined schedule 

- Developing healthy mix of engaging and effective content that will drive a visible return on your investment

- Monitoring your account(s) in real time


The difference between a good Social Media Manager and one that is less desirable is their interest and skill. Our team will focus on translating your investment to physical dollars, yielding you a measurable and valuable return on our efforts, where as someone who may just be working FOR your dollars will coast through the day with very little strategy. This is what set's the professional's apart from the amateurs.