Social Media Benefits for Small Business

If you're a business owner than you either know or have heard of the benefits that social media can offer you. Its been estimated that roughly 80 percent of small business owners are using some form of social media to help grow their outreach, and if you haven't taken the digital plunge just yet, the following benefits may finally peak your interest.



Social Media Gets You Seen


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of social media management is the "reach" ability that digital platforms lend to your business or brand. The exposure social media can provide you will help to foster and advance your engagement with your target audience; which should, naturally, translate to a financial return. 


Social media platforms are great way for you to connect and converse with new consumers who have or could have a genuine interest in your brand or business.


Online promotions are a better option than blindly sending out mailings or giving away expensive pens with your logo on it. An investment in social media management is an investment in targeted and effective advertising. 




Social Media is Busy


Its no secret that the average person spends a little too much time online, and with over 3 billion people accessing the internet everyday, its easy to grasp why its a minefield of opportunity for both small and large businesses. 


As of September 2017 there were over 800 million people on Instagram, 974 million people using Twitter, 200 million active users per month on Pinterest, and Facebook had roughly 2.19 billion monthly posters.


With social media you can hit large amounts of people in short bursts of time ensuring the potential benefits are well worth the time and money you've invested. 


Its Not as Expensive as You Think


A good social media management company will reinvest some of the physical dollars in your overhead back into your portfolio. For the most part these investments will usually be made to your development and growth which may include paid advertising on social networks.


If you're without a social media manager, you can still take advantage of some the low-cost outreach options that are offered by the top social networks. Its possible to keep your costs reasonable if you know how to project and manage your dollars allocated towards your designated campaign.


Pro Tip: do your homework and try to maximise your click rate costs, or have a professional set your advertising budgets for you. 


Communication Matters 


Have you ever wondered which of your products your customers might love or hate? Have you ever tried something new, unsure of how it might be received?


Well, with social media, you dont really have to wonder.


On Twitter and Facebook you can take polls and get feedback to customised questions that you can create. Your consumers will leave comments, drop messages, and if you're really great (or terrible) at what you do they'll also leave you reviews. 


Being on top of your consumer communications will better both the brand and financial prospects of your business. 



Whatever You Do, Just Do It


When it comes to social media management the old saying "anything is better than nothing" is true. There are a lot of rules to follow when it comes to effective engagement, but, you dont have to be a professional to occasionally post or tweet.