Increase Your Social Media Engagement

When it comes to social media growth engagement is key. Considered the backbone of digital connections, it's important that you post often, respond quickly, and speak with your audience frequently. There are also a handful of other key factors that you should consider if you're looking to increase your social media engagement. 



Encourage Involvement


On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can ask questions, create polls, and share open-ended post's in many different ways. When it comes to social media management consistent and effective engagement is your best friend; so these are incredibly valuable tools to be used. People like to have their voices heard, and the general public genuinely enjoys sharing their opinion, so why not reap the benefits of that for you and your brand?


Create polls related to the city your business is in, ask questions that contain target keywords, and encourage your audience to take actions such as commenting on the post or sharing it by tagging their friends. 


Be Talkative!


Listen, people are bored. We're trying to kill time as we commute, kill time as we sit in class, and kill time while we sit in the waiting room. This is one of the reasons why social media platforms are checked so frequently and used so often.


Join the conversation - dont just retweet, retweet with a comment. Reply to the comments left on your Instagram posts and encourage discussions on your Facebook Page. The more you can get and keep people talking the stronger your engagement and organic reach will be.



Engage With Accounts Bigger Than Yours


No matter how big your social media accounts get you'll always be a smaller fish to someone else's bigger fish, but like a Remora on a Tuna, you can hitch a ride on their platform to benefit your own.


First, find and take note of the most influential people in your industry. Make a list and rank them from highest to lowest value and use that list as your blueprint for this part of your social media management strategy.


Start retweeting, replying to, and commenting on their content. Be a Remora.


If you get lucky and are consistent enough the Influencer, who's content you're highly engaged with, might spark up a conversation with you which will have a trickle down effect that should increase your engagement. The other benefit of being active within higher value portfolios is that their networks are bigger - and you'll benefit from that visibility and reach, as well. 


Share Diverse Content 


When it comes to social media management its important that you mix up your content. If you spend all your time sharing advertisements on your Twitter account your profile is likely to be as bright and engaging as a white wall. People are more likely to follow you and comment on your posts if they're interesting, informative, and entertaining. Share content that isn't yours and share it frequently.


Using your list of high traffic accounts in your industry, find posts that fit your model or networks and retweet, repost, and re-share them to the people who are following you.  By sharing a versatile and revolving amount of content you'll be opening up the doors to further social media engagement on a multitude of levels.


Hashtags Are Still King


Of course, you dont want to over tag your posts, but you definitely want to use them and take advantage of trending topics (as they happen) and quite often that requires the use of hashtags. 


By using hashtags you can reach out and get y