Why Your Website Needs Video Content

March 16, 2019

When it comes to content on your social media channels and websites, video content is king. The interest from text to video content has been steady on the rise since the launch of platforms such as Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat, and businesses who neglect the use of videos across their platforms will end up with an under-performing consumer reach (which, if you're not already using this form of media, may be the case). 


Why is video content so important to your digital strategy



Its What Consumers Want


Simply put, videos are how consumers are consuming content. Its no secret that we live in a modern world that moves quickly, and, that's the primary reason why video content is so popular. 


If you have promotional videos on your website you're more likely to catch the consumers attention and give them a run down of who you are within' just a couple of minutes, which is how they want it. Creating more interactive and visual content is essential to the growth of your digital strategy. 


Videos Look Awesome!


​Its 2018 - you dont want your website to look like a brochure, do you?


Of course you dont!


You should never treat your website like an old hutch display case for all your boring possessions and products; you need to create a compelling experience arou