Does Coffee Enhance Productivity?

October 1, 2018

Today is International Coffee Day, and we want to give thanks to our little caffeinated buddy by exploring some of the science behind it.



Over 83% of the adult population in the United States consumes coffee on a daily basis and its produced in over 50 countries. Starbucks, one of North Americas largest coffee chains, has over 23,000 locations across the globe and they sell roughly FOUR BILLION cups of coffee a year!
We drink it on ice, with breakfast, at work, and in tiny little cups. We drizzle it with caramel, dip cookies in it, and catch up with friends over it.  We make it strong, blonde, and bake with the beans. Some of us (especially the writers  here at Kush Tools), believe it gives us super human abilities.
We'd be lost without it!

But Does Coffee Really Enhance Productivity?  
Lets look at some figures:


  • 46% of workers claim they are less productive without coffee 

  • 20% of coffee drinkers say that it allows them to better socialize with their co-workers (even the ones they don’t like)

  • And 10% of the people surveyed said that it helps them focus before giving a presentation

And of course, buying a perspective client a cup of coffee helps your sales pitch go down much easier.


How Does Coffee Impact Your Brain?