Easy Ways to Maintain Your SEO Monthly

January 21, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is, or should be, a vital part of your business strategy. Unfortunately, many companies still underestimate the importance of effective SEO measures, and more importantly, many don't know how to maintain it on a regular basis.


The following post on Search Engine Optimization will best help businesses who have already had a professional configure their website to meet basic SEO code.




 What is SEO?


We've covered search engine optimization many times on our website and throughout our blog posts - and that's because it's so vital to the success of your business. If you're wondering what SEO is, exactly, this simple explanation may be able to help you out:


"Search Engine Optimization is what you do on your website to appease the Google God's. In order to have any value or ranking in search engine's your website must meet a specific and wide reaching set of criteria. This criteria exist's to help search engine's  (like Google) sort out and determine which companies meet the quality required for highest ranking."


Still confused? Its easy - Google doesn't want to give website's of low quality any time. 


Your website might have the perfect color scheme's, updated photo's and videos, and tons of direct traffic. But that alone will not get you a high ranking.


Google likes finesse, details, and TLC. And that's why SEO exists.


Your website must be functioning, organized, regularly updated, coded properly, and full of content (in a nutshell) - in order for you to prove your worth of the highest ranking website within' your industry. 


If you invest into your website through SEO, then it's important that you maintain your efforts on a pretty regular basis.



What is SEO Maintenance?


Yes, SEO maintenance is an actual practice.


In order to maintain your search rankings, or seek further ranking, it's important that you regularly revisit and improve upon your visibility and content structure




Stay Updated With Your SEO


When it comes to maintaining your SEO on a monthly basis a lot of the focus relies on your content and how you care for it. Think of your website as a plant - if you water it too little, or too much, it might not make it.


Plants, like websites, require a delicate balance of care.


Focus on optimizing your quality while maintaining your value. If you own a gym, and all the photos on your website are Instagram shots from 2 years ago, then it's time to update. Add a page where you regularly add photo's or news from your business, and hire a professional photographer to come in to take HD photos of your space now and whenever there are changes in the future. The most important aspect of this component is that you're always remaining current and checked-in.


If you're not sure how you can optimize your webflow, dont be afraid to contact a professional for a strategic consultation.


This updating isn't exclusive to just photos, though, and its important to maintain all other points of updating that apply to SEO, such as your internal linking, title tags, and meta descriptions.


Check The Data


If your website is performing at the most basic level for SEO then you have Google Analytics attached to your website. You should regularly review the data Google provides to you so you can see where your traffic is decreasing/remaining consistent, as well which pages are performing/under performing.


By knowing this data, and then implementing strategic changes based on that data, you will be helping to regularly maintain the health of your website - as per Google.