Strange Things You Can Buy Online

August 19, 2019

Strange Things You Can Buy Online


What better way is there to spend a Saturday night than to dig yourself into the infinite abyss that is the weird wide web. If you're a casual web browser, you've likely noticed the emergence of endless companies you never knew existed, selling one of a kind products you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams.



Flame Thrower Drone Kit 


If you ever find yourself a click away from sending your credit card information to the seller of this Flame Thrower Drone Kit, we recommend you STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. Take a deep breath, and ask yourself, is it really necessary for you to flame-blow your noisy neighbours?


Perhaps a genuine, sincere request to keep the noise down might do the trick before resorting to criminal acts of violence. Hey, this life is yours, but that's just a bit of advice coming from a good place. We think you should consider it.


Although SUPER cool and VERY strange, we question the purpose of a device like this. Not to mention the accessibility of it, we hope there's a rigorous screening process for potential buyers.



DeLorean Time Machine 


Now here's something interesting and much lower on the danger scale. Do you ever daydream about hosting a party so unforgettable that everyone's still talking about it years later? 


Well it turns out there's a company called Time Machine Rental that mediates the rental of over 50 DeLorean Time Machines from owners around the world. The standard daily rental rate is approximately $1,500.00 plus $2.00 per mile from the DeLorean's transport starting point. Not too bad of a fee to pay for a party that will keep your guests talking about it for years to come, if that's your thing. 



The Airbag Smart Motorcycle Jacket


We all know someone who rides or who dreams of riding a motorcycle. If that person is someone we care about, this can really make us concerned for their safety. A company called Dainese has developed The Airbag Smart Motorcycle Jacket to help us let our loved ones embrace their need for speed. The airbags activate when the smart system detects movement signalling danger, similar to the way airbags work in standard vehicles. Ringing in at about $1,024.03, this is a mild investment into the well-being of our special people who choose to tempt faith more occasionally than we're willing to accept.



Wearable Smart Shocking Alarm Clock 


Don't judge us too hard, but we love this next one. This Wearable Smart Shocking Alarm Clock reminds us of the Pavlovian Conditioning experiments of the late 1800s (oops, sorry.. no Psych. majors here?). Ivan Pavlov discovered that he was able to train dogs to salivate in response to the sound of a bell due to the anticipation of food. Similarly, this device is designed to train humans to respond by waking up at a certain time each morning in anticipation of the arrival of a shock. Apparently most people wake up before the impending shock, thus training their bodies to wake up automatically at a specific time each day. Sounds strange yet truly helpful to us!