How Social Media Marketing Can Impact SEO

February 14, 2020

You've probably been told before that search engine optimization (SEO) and effective social media management go hand in hand, which is something that would seem like a no-brainer.


But have you ever thought how?




We know it can be strange to navigate the abundance of information available to you when it comes to all things social, so we're here to break it down for you.

In a very tiny nutshell: your ability to reach new customers online and maintain your Google rankings are dependent on a multitude of things. You need to continually update your website, ensure you’re providing your audience with quality content, and yes, ensure you’re visible and active on social media. Your social media footprint can, if executed correctly, greatly influence your relationship with new and old customers - and with Google. 


User Interaction and Connectivity 


Search engine optimization is no longer just about keyword placement. Simply put, it has evolved into the ever-changing development of creating a journey to help the searcher accomplish their task.


For the most part, your social media marketing strategies should develop for you a community of loyal and engaged listeners. You should also be managing your social in such a way that it is designed to drive new traffic to your web pages and other connected networks. If you're doing everything right, your website will be another spot where new and old visitors like to spend more than the average minute on.

And everything that happens online, in the background, is logged by the Google crawler.


The amount of time people spend on your site helps to determine some of the value in your content. Search engines are well aware who went onto your website, where they came from, how long they stayed where, and what pages they visited. If you have what's called a "low bounce rate", it helps to verify with Google that you're taking good care of the web traffic you are receiving, by providing them content they want to spend time reading and viewing. 


In this respect,