Managing Impacts to Your Business From Covid-19

At Kush Tools Marketing Group, we've been monitoring the impact that the Coronavirus has been having on businesses from across the globe. This unfortunate and economically crippling pandemic has disrupted a multitude of operations including the (already fragile) health care system(s), educational facilities, and of course; the flow of operations for everyone from the mom's and pop's to the large-scale corporations. 


As many Canadians remain isolated and non-essential stores have been ordered to close their doors, its crucial now more than ever that we rely on the resources and support systems around us to guide our way through what will be very turbulent times.




For some, this may mean ramping up your social media efforts, finally setting up your employees remotely, or making the switch to virtual consulting. It may also be time to search for flaws you have within the infectious disease protocols of your business - and it may be a good time to begin implementing new measures, such as encouraging social distancing among your employees, or offering your clientele hand sanitizer at the door. 


It's incredibly important that we, collectively, prep for the disruptions ahead, and it's imperative at this time for companies to invest in the digital advances they may have been putting off previously.


Advertising in print?

Stop it altogether.


Advertising on commercial spaces, such as billboards of bus stops?

Don't renew your contract anytime soon.