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The Ultimate 2022 Social Media Marketing Guide


81% of online shoppers research a company before contacting them, and for that reason, it's important that you make social media a critical part of your business strategy. It's crucial that you have consistent and effective social media management so that you can reach the consumer before your competitors do.


You need to stay engaged, active, and visible. 


Hiring a Social Media Manager isn't a cost, it's an investment. 


Our Social Media Marketing team has developed successful marketing strategies and engineered algorithms that create healthy and profitable social interactions. We will evaluate your current online operations and design a unique plan tailored to your business, industry, location, and clientele. 



Professional Social Media Management Works

Merely having a social profile isn’t enough for businesses. Social accounts need to be active, engaging, and exciting to capture the interests of the audience among your competitors.


Posting content every few days, weeks, or months just won't cut it. Your social media marketing content needs to be fresh and updated numerous times a day. 

At KTMG, our Social Media Managers will skillfully navigate the social media waters to bridge the gap between your business and your audience.


We'll create an atmosphere of trust and connection to keep the global community consistently engaged with your brand.


Hire a Social Highly Skilled Social Media Marketing Company

To drive traffic to your website and increase the growth and visibility of your brand, you must first capture the attention of your audience.


Our Social Media Managers utilize modern apps and programs to develop high-impact visuals that appeal to your audience.


We get to know their preferences by analyzing their activity to help us determine which types of curated or direct content will be the most effective.

You want a team that's focused on generating a cash return on your investment. You also need a team experienced with effective SEO practices and outreach algorithms, something that is usually perfected over time, or you may be putting your business's financials, Google Ranking, and likeability at risk. 


Only experienced digital engineers have a complete grasp of the most important components of a strong social media marketing strategy and the most detailed SEO requirements.

Social Media Strategy

A social media marketing strategy will outline key business goals, draw up a calendar of duties to meet those goals, and have a plan in place to monitor and improve upon results. 

Ongoing Management

Your social media marketing company should consistently analyze the performance of your posts and then use those insights to make adjustments where necessary.

miners working

Response Time 

Responding to messages and posting engaging comments with other users means truly engaging with your audience.


Addressing user inquiries or complaints is something that must be done within minutes to hours to keep potential customers engaged.

Strategic Engagement

Social Media Managers need to communicate effectively with users.


A detailed schedule for posting and engagement will increase the growth of your brand long-term.

Boost Brand Engagement

Increasing brand awareness is an important component of all successful social media marketing strategies. Many people learn about new products and services solely through social media. 

Boosting brand awareness by targeting your audience via the appropriate social platforms is key to your success. You have to cultivate activity on your profiles which leads to comments, likes, and shares from other users. 

Your business will stay at the forefront of meaningful conversations while keeping up to date with popular events in your industry. By ensuring that the public knows what your business is all about, you'll build a loyal following.

Our Social Media Managers are experts at capturing the attention of an audience and building genuine relationships. We focus on social media marketing techniques aimed at building meaningful connections. 


By using effective #hashtags, posting fun, and engaging questions to your audience, and replying to messages, comments, and mentions, you'll ensure that your social profiles are constantly bustling. 


Post genuine content on other users' profiles to show them that your business is friendly, approachable, and accessible. This gets your name out there and boosts your brand’s engagement with the global community.

Audience Engagement & Consistency

To keep your audience engaged, you need to be consistent.


Sporadic posts and splurges of social activity followed by days of inactivity create a sort of inconsistency that makes it harder to gain new followers.


An effective social media marketing plan requires consistancy.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Managers have detailed campaigns in place to ensure fresh content is posted on a dependable schedule.


Over time, your audience will come to expect and appreciate your routine.


It's important to know what to post so you can cultivate a loyal following - posting in realtime allows you to chime in on trending conversations as they happen.


There’s a growing dependency on social platforms for users to connect with businesses when they need something or when they want to share an opinion. Your business’s reputation is fragile and needs to be protected at all times. You Social Media Manager needs to consistently address customer inquiries and complaints promptly to ensure your audience always feels valued and respected. This also helps users from escalating issues into full-blown public disputes as a result of feeling disrespected or from bad customer service.



The best social media marketing company will outline your key business goals, draw up a calendar of duties to meet those goals, and have a plan in place to consistently monitor results.

It's important to analyze the performance of your posts and then use your insights to make adjustments where necessary. Without monitoring your activity, it’s difficult to know what’s working and what isn’t. You could be investing in the wrong platforms and spending money on initiatives that aren’t working and that's something no business owner wants to do.


Social media platforms are constantly evolving with the needs of its’ users. You could be receiving high levels of visibility today, but after tomorrow’s algorithm update, your engagement levels may drop dramatically. This uncertain social landscape should be navigated by an expert to ensure your social profiles stay at the forefront of your audience's feeds.

Our Social Media Managers stay active in the social media industry. We take precautions and anticipate what changes need to be made to your profiles before algorithm updates have detrimental effects on your business. If you're self-navigating your social media marketing it's important to do the same.


Improve Your Consumer Communication

Thanks to Social Media, customers can communicate with businesses much easier than ever before. 

The availability of your brand is an important part of the decision making process for your potential customers. When they’re searching for a new product or service, they may have questions and ask various businesses at once. It then becomes a competition for which business can satisfy the customer the most.


Whose responding the fastest, the most effectively, and the most respectfully?


These are all aspects that a customer will take into consideration without much thought when deciding whom they’re going to do business with.

Social Media Marketing & Public Relations

Successful businesses execute their social media profiles as a means of refining their reputation and diverting potential issues where necessary. It’s an opportunity for businesses to further extend their in-house public relations initiatives.


People are turning to social media to express concerns, complaints, and stories about experiences good and bad. This leaves your business’s reputation in the hands of the sometimes volatile online community.

At KTMG, we have experienced Social Media Managers who are consistently reviewing incoming messages, comments, and shares on all of our clients' social media platforms. 

Not only do we use our diverse set of programs to creatively represent a business's personality and core values, but we keep watch of potential issues that could arise. We put out small fires before they turn into catastrophes, and we manage reputations on all levels to keep it pristine and inviting to prospects.

Your social media marketing plan should include viable strategies on how to handle consumer complaints and poor reviews.

The first focal point of PR initiatives is to strategically create and maintain the public’s perception of an organization. It cultivates a story that portrays an organization’s reputation. That story may be about the organization itself, a product, an accomplishment, or even a potential crisis. 


Social media marketing is merely a different means to the same end; a businesses image is carefully crafted through online interactions, creative content development, consistent and timely updates as well as building meaningful relationships with targeted audiences. 


The second focal point of PR is third party endorsement, which is PR parlance for positive feedback. It’s achieved by gaining the support of neutral third parties such as consumers, bloggers and journalists. It produces better results than inside advertising efforts because when an unbiased source reports favorably on a brand, it’s perceived as a trustworthy affirmation of that organization’s credibility. 


Social media management produces controlled creative content targeted to niche groups with the intention of cultivating trust, empathy and a deep understanding of that group’s needs and wants.


It gets to know it’s audience on a personal level. With a personalized approach, consumers feel understood and validated and this leads to word of mouth referrals, Facebook shares, Instagram likes, tweets and re-tweets about a brand. This is what third party endorsement looks like today.

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What are the Similarities Between Social Media Management and Public Relations?  

Social Media Management (SMM) is the strategic selection of channels relevant to a brand and its audience such as FacebookInstagramLinkedInYoutube, Pinterest, and Twitter. Applicable channels are frequently maintained and utilized to enhance and shape the public’s perception of an organization. Their websites are optimized with cutting edge media which includes persuasive videos and blogs. 


The consistent fresh content will benefit the organization’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts by ensuring competitive placement in relevant Google searches to continuously expand their consumer reach. By doing this, an organization’s credibility will be raised as they’ll be viewed as a leader and expert in their field. 

What Does Public Relations Mean?


Similarly, PR is defined by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) as “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”.


PR plans are targeted and strategic. It’s about pitching the right story to the right audience at the right time.

social media marketing (6).jpg


Posting at random and leaving your audience unattended for days on end will only do a disservice to your marketing efforts.

Execute detailed schedules of when to post and what to post. Know the most popular times to post content to draw in the most engagement for your brand.

Effective campaigns can also include online events that increase excitement and brand awareness. A great way to get more people interested in your business is to host online contests, give away prize packages, or conduct interactive surveys that captivate the attention of your audience.

Social Media Damage Control

The last but not least focal point of PR is damage control. PR traditionally steps in after something has happened to threaten a brand’s credibility. This isn’t efficient though because much of the damage has been done by this point. The PR team works to divert the public’s attention away from the pink elephant in the room while cleaning up whatever mess they’re dealing with.


With SMM, the old adage “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” rings true. By maintaining a consistent presence in relevant conversations via social channels, potential crises are averted before a brand’s credibility is even questioned.


Think of it like a volcano: PR aims to hide and clean up the mess of the erupting volcano, while social media management swiftly deflects threats and aims to ensure the volcano doesn’t erupt in the first place. 

Increase Your Social

Media Engagement

Not only do businesses have a great opportunity for inbound advertising through social channels, but for growing businesses, it’s becoming more of an obligation than a perk. 

Research shows that people prefer businesses that they’re familiar with. Without an active social profile, your business isn’t accessible to the vast online community.


Your social platforms need to be constantly maintained to help you increase engagement with your target audience.


Engagement increases brand awareness and it’s an important contributing factor to driving sales.

Your Brand Needs to Post Effective Content to Appropriate Channels

Not all social channels are equal.


There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest - just to name a few. Each social channel represents a different type of demographic with a different type of interest and intention. 


Our Social Media Managers are experts at discerning which type of content is most effective on which channel to cultivate the most attention from its respective audiences.


Rather than shooting in the dark, your campaign needs to have clear intentions based on the channel you're advertising on.

KTMG Social Media Marketing

A good social media manager will have an interest and skill level that matches the same drive you bring to your own business. Their primary interest will be to convert your digital investment to physical dollars yielding you a measurable and valuable return on their social media strategy. 

When we skillfully carry out effective social media campaigns, we have the power to multiply your audience, increase your brand awareness, expand your reach and educate the public on your services.


Strategic Content Planning

Your social media management isn’t any less important than key marketing initiatives, so why wouldn’t you treat it the same way?


The first step is to chisel out your key goals - whether it be increasing your traffic, building brand awareness, enhancing public relations, driving sales, and leads or building a community of followers.


You need to strategize a social media marketing plan to bring those intentions to fruition. With a strategy in place, your social media will be tailored to your goals at all times.


Rather than throwing out random ideas, content development will be intentional and more effective.


Focus on Your Business

Many businesses dismiss brand awareness as an unnecessary component of marketing. However, research shows that brand awareness builds loyalty which ultimately creates new leads and conversions. 


It's important to boost brand awareness by targeting your audience via the appropriate social platforms that align with your business. Use informational and curated content to grab the users attention and increase their engagement with your business. 


Your social media marketing plan should cultivate activity on your profile which leads to comments, likes, and shares from your users. This way, your business will stay at the forefront of meaningful conversations while keeping up to date with popular events in your industry.


How Can a Social Media Manager 

Grow Your Business?

The social media industry is in a phase of rapid growth and won't be slowing down anytime soon. There are more than a million new people joining social media every single day!


With such substantial growth, businesses have an opportunity to leverage a multitude of social media platforms to connect with their target audience in a more meaningful way than ever before. 


Since people have the world in the palms of their hands, their options among competing products and services know no bounds. 

Your business can reach thousands of people within seconds, and luckily, that's not the only advantage to social media marketing. It also helps people and companies increase their brand equity and online presence, and it allows you to engage in a whole new way with your customers. These mechanisms, when executed correctly, will translate into profitable conversions.


In 2021, it's a necessity for businesses to have an engaging online presence to help them thrive.

It's Best to Think Ahead

Creating a schedule and developing a plan will take some time, however, it will save you time in the long run. Posting sporadically will create unnecessary pressure.


Trying to come up with a good idea that aligns with your goals and speaks to your audience on a whim will decrease the effectiveness of your content.


When you’re focused on your goals and develop a plan in advance, you’ll spend less time wondering what to post and panicking over content ideas at the eleventh hour.

Planning and Execution Are Keys to Management

With key strategies in place, your content will appear less sporadic and your audience will be better able to understand your brand. It makes your online image crystal clear and leaves little room for misinterpretation. 


Your strategy should include a schedule for posting new and curated content, commenting, liking and responding to other users numerous times a day. 


Important dates should be scheduled into your strategy to ensure you don’t miss big events. 

Recognize and Nourish Your Brand

With consistency and diligent effort, you can craft a profile that will transition into a key player to your business's identity. You have to nourish your brand (also known as your Instagram profile, website, Facebook Page, etc) with a few important components for growth. 


Consistency in communication is one of the best ways to maintain your brand's health. This includes consistency in your website's functionality and design, consistency in your use of language for written content and posts, consistency in your color schemes and advertising designs, and consistency in your visual content and its presentation. You want your customers to have the same positive experience across every platform they visit and you want them to feel connected to who you are as a business.


It's also important to ensure you have covered your visibility and that all your social networks are not only easily accessible but are connected to one another. This allows the consumer to find you on all networks quickly. There should also be a social bar readily available on your website and links to your social pages peppered throughout your digital bios. 


Create a flow channel so when people visit you initially it's easy for them to dive deeper into the backbone of your business.

Spend Time (and Money) on Engagement 

Social media marketing has a lot of moving parts. You need to create content, share content, and view content, and it needs to be of quality. And that's just to start. You also need to engage with your peers and the people around you in order to maintain and grow your momentum.


To turn followers into customers you need to gain both their trust and attention and the best way to do this is to get to know them. Communicate with those active on your channels on a regular basis by asking them questions, replying to their comments, re-sharing their content and checking your DM's. 


An hour a day can make a big difference to your bottom line. 

Great content coupled with effective engagement will sustain a profile and its viewership in the long-run. The old school business man may not understand this principle, but the simple science is if you want new customers you need to offer them engagement and content of value. Consumers are quick to turn down businesses who have less than impressive social channels and interactions.


Another benefit to spending time on social media engagement is that you will increase your brand equity with the social channels you're on. This can transition into more favorable algorithm results on your feed, making it easier for customers to find you, and, your products or services.


Likewise, most platforms have advertising systems that make it effortless to target the users that you want directly. You can use Instagram or Facebook to get face to face with specific groups of people that fit within your demographics.


A few hundred dollars a month will allow you to customise the exact audience you want your business to engage with which can create powerful conversion rates if setup and managed correctly.

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Don't Ignore "Call to Action" Options

When it comes to social media marketing there's many back-end options you can setup to help create a pipeline of engagement for your viewer. One of the best ways to create an effective user-friendly experience is through the use of "calls to action," also known as CTA's.


A CTA, simply put, is an instructional option with an integrated feature built into your post or content. This might sound confusing, but you've seen it before.


Good/Better Scenario


When someone writes “Follow the link in bio” in their post or content, that can be considered an unofficial call to action. 


The better option here would be to share to your story feed and add the link to your post allowing the viewer to CLICK your call to action and visit your preferred URL within a mere second, bringing them further into your wonderfully nourished and branded world.

You can use other forms of CTAs such as "buy now" or "find out more" buttons and links, or by adding your URLs directly into your posts and shares. 

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Relate to Your Consumer

We're going to tell you a secret - you have to gain the consumers respect.


It has been estimated through study based evidence that roughly 65% of consumers believe that shared values are the most attractive quality that a brand can have. 


When it comes to your business, and your story, each day you should be working on cultivating a digital environment where a community can grow. Your principles and values are things that people care about in the modern world of consumerism. By carefully crafting stories, posts, and conversations, you will be nourishing your brand in a way that your consumer will connect with.


In the long run, this will provide you with a network full of abundance and continual growth.

As you navigate your business's advertising options it's important to recognize the complete value of regular social media marketing. It is a complex job but one you can accomplish with lots of hardwork and invested time.

What's The Cost of Social Media Management?

When it comes to hiring a Social Media Manager the cost's can vary depending on a variety of factors. The current state of your digital footprint, how many networks you want (or need) managed, the experience of the social media team you're interested in, and the scope of the work involved are all factors that will influence cost.


Professional Social Media Management comes with a different investment price for every business.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?


In order to understand the cost's of Social Media Management its important that you first understand what it is that a Social Media Manager does.


Ideally, if you've hired the right person, they have a daily task list related to your brand/business. This task list should include:


- Specializing in the development of relevant content topics that will reach your target customers or clients

- Creating, designing, and curating content regularly and on a predetermined schedule 

- Developing a healthy mix of engaging and effective content that will drive a visible return on your investment

- Monitoring your account(s) in real-time


The difference between a good Social Media Manager and one that is less desirable is their interest and skill. At KTMG, we focus on translating your investment to physical dollars, yielding you a measurable and valuable return on our efforts, whereas someone who may just be working FOR your dollars will coast through the day with very little strategy.


Effective social media marketing strategies are what set's the professionals apart from the amateurs. 

Beware of Bad Social Management

When it comes to Social Media Manager shopping you will find that you have three options; do it in-house and give the work to someone who's already on salary (never recommended), hire someone who is willing to work at a discount to save a few bucks, or really invest in your businesses digital strategy and hire a professional team. There isn't much of a grey area when it comes to Social Media Marketing and Management, you'll most likely find cheap companies and higher-end companies, and not much else in between. 


If you have five different quotes ranging from $500 a month to $2500 a month, you have five very different companies.


So what do you do? How do you decide? How can you tell the leaders apart from the rest? 


Well, firstly, throw the lowest quote directly into the trash. That company is more likely to damage your business than help it. 


As decent Social Media Management usually starts at $1000 a month for small businesses, take a look at the other four options. Ask a lot of questions. Find out how they intend to drive your sales and generate a return for you. Find out their posting schedule.


If their strategy seems loose, its because it probably is. 


Keep in mind, that when it comes to anything tech-related, good work isnt cheap, and cheap work isnt good. 

What Factors Influence Social Media Management Cost?

If you're starting from scratch it's important to remember that the initial setup of social media channels can be time-consuming. Your Social Media Manager will need to establish content, securities, artwork, and connections.


Keep in mind, however, that you should never pay "setup fees" -a new portfolio will generally just cost a little more than an established one due to the additional hours of work that may go into it, but a good Social Media Management Company will gladly do any preliminary work without additional fees. 

As well, the number of networks you'll have itemized in your portfolio will influence your costs. Each network can range from $600-$2,000 per month for small businesses, and up to $6,000 per channel for enterprise ventures.


This also includes selling sites, like Amazon, eBay, or Yelp.


If you want 6 networks managed each will come with its own individual costs. A good Social Media Manager will act as your consultant and advise you on the platforms that will be most beneficial to your business. 


A decent social media strategy for small businesses will likely cost you anywhere from $1500 - $3000 per month, depending on how beefy your portfolio will be, and how strong your selected team is.

Not All Companies Are Run by Professionals

Its become commonplace for budding entrepreneurs to want to break into the world of Social Media Marketing, which is all well and good, except without proper training and experience they won't know how to effectively engage with your audience. Posting to Facebook on a personal level is not the same thing as posting professionally, and just because someone knows how to use the internet, doesn't mean they have the ability to do it in the manner needed to grow your business. 


There are different tools that Social Media Managers and SEO Specialists use to navigate, evaluate, monitor, and run your digital business efficiently.  Without these systems in place you leave room for error, limited productivity, and hinged growth. 

Many Social Media Marketing companies and SEO Developers have honest intentions, but unfortunately, there are still a lot of frauds within the industry. The following documented case of gross mismanagement by is a strong example of a digital nightmare:


"I talked to a dealership that suspected their content was just phoned in by their provider. Their blog was packed with “Honda Civic AC Repair in (city), (state)” posts — and there was a version for every car in their lineup. In total, we’re talking 15 or 16 posts, all exactly the same. The only thing different was the model of the car.


And it gets better! They had taken those 15 posts and used them all again, for around 20 different cities — 300 blog posts, all exactly the same, just with a few keywords substituted in each one."


Sound awful? It is.


Not only did this company take their clients' money without producing individual, quality content, they also highly damaged the SEO of the business by using duplicate content. Google expects you to be an honest company, and if you're using plagiarised or copywritten material, over and over again, you don't have any hope at success. 


It's important that you find a Social Media Manager or SEO Content Writer that understands all of the components of a properly formulated piece of content and respects the needs of your business.

Social Media Feeds SEO Efforts

Your ability to reach new customers online and maintain your Google rankings are dependent on a multitude of things. You need to continually update your website, ensure you’re providing your audience with quality content, and yes, ensure you’re visible and active on social media. Your social media footprint can, if executed correctly, greatly influence your relationship with new and old customers - and with Google. 

User Interaction and Connectivity 

Search engine optimization is no longer just about keyword placement. Simply put, it has evolved into the ever-changing development of creating a journey to help the searcher accomplish their task.


For the most part, your social media marketing strategies should develop for you a community of loyal and engaged listeners. You should also be managing your social in such a way that it is designed to drive new traffic to your web pages and other connected networks. If you're doing everything right, your website will be another spot where new and old visitors like to spend more than the average minute.

And everything that happens online, in the background, is logged by the Google crawler.


The amount of time people spend on your site helps to determine some of the value in your content. Search engines are well aware of who went onto your website, where they came from, how long they stayed where, and what pages they visited.


If you have what's called a "low bounce rate", it helps to verify with Google that you're taking good care of the web traffic you are receiving, by providing them content they want to spend time reading and viewing. 


In this respect, good social media marketing contributes to better overall SEO.

Social Signalling

Google's main priority, when it comes to search engine rankings, is simply ensuring you are providing consistent quality to the web traffic that is giving you the time of the day.


A "social signal" is a metric used by professionals to determine the ways in which people interact with your company’s content on your social media channels. These types of actions can include someone retweeting your latest post, liking your story share on Instagram, and pinning your latest photo to their board. Any type of action that signifies some sort of support, interest, or solidarity is considered a social signal.


When it comes to SEO, behavioral statistics are very influential in determining the relevance of a page, and its content, to a search query. The more people that are sharing, liking, and commenting on your content, the stronger this will indicate your commitment to consistency, relevance, and quality. All of that matters to search engines.

Good Social Media Marketing Increases Linking Potential

If you've made it this far then you're probably well aware that social media marketing is a great way to develop and increase your web presence.

When someone visits your website directly from your social channels it influences what is called your Click Through Rate.


CTR's can, and do, have an impact on your search engine rankings.


When you build an audience that's engaged and committed you are multiplying your chances of not only meeting new people through content reshares but receiving continual click-throughs from your current audience.


As social media marketing is one of the best ways to help you build your audience and be discovered by people who may not have found you otherwise, every click matters.

It kind of goes without saying that the more social shares and likes you have, the higher your chances of increasing your reach and new people being able to see your content to link back to it. 


If you're producing high-quality content that has consistent popularity on social media, you're more likely to remain popular, with people linking to and endorsing your content over and over again; feeding directly into your SEO.

The Balance of Social and SEO

For SEO that performs well, you need to not only know your consumer but the mechanisms of the very search engines you want to be a part of.


Users can now search from a multitude of devices such as watches, speakers, AI assistants, and kitchen appliances. In today’s world, even fridges can perform online interactions – and every interaction (or lost interaction) will play a part in your SEO.

You need to have a detailed understanding of the user’s task, you need to understand your marketplace, and you have to try to continually build a better user experience.

Good SEO is comprised of interior and exterior development, and informational architecture and design. It is also dependent on your content and your strategy, good social media marketing, and your attention to detail.


When it comes to your social media marketing and the influence it may or may not have on your business, it's best to simply believe that every little bit matters. 


Increase Your Social Media Engagement

When it comes to social media growth engagement is key. Considered the backbone of digital connections, it's important that you post often, respond quickly, and speak with your audience frequently. There are also a handful of other key factors that you should consider if you're looking to increase your social media engagement. 

Encourage Involvement


On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook you can ask questions, create polls, and share open-ended post's in many different ways. When it comes to social media marketing consistent and effective engagement is your best friend, so these are incredibly valuable tools to be used.


People like to have their voices heard, and the general public genuinely enjoys sharing their opinion, so why not reap the benefits of that for you and your brand?


Create polls related to the city your business is in, ask questions that contain target keywords, and encourage your audience to take actions such as commenting on the post or sharing it by tagging their friends. 


And Be Talkative!


Listen, people are bored. We're trying to kill time as we commute, kill time as we sit in class, and kill time while we sit in the waiting room. This is one of the reasons why social media platforms are checked so frequently and used so often.


Join the conversation - dont just retweet, retweet with a comment. Reply to the comments left on your Instagram posts and encourage discussions on your Facebook Page. The more you can get and keep people talking the stronger your engagement and organic reach will be.

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Engage With Accounts Bigger Than Yours

No matter how big your social media accounts get you'll always be a smaller fish to someone else's bigger fish, but like a Remora on a Tuna, you can hitch a ride on their platform to benefit your own.


First, find and take note of the most influential people in your industry. Make a list and rank them from highest to lowest value and use that list as your blueprint for this part of your social media marketing strategy.


Start retweeting, replying to, and commenting on their content. Be a Remora.


If you get lucky and are consistent enough the Influencer, whose content you're highly engaged with, might spark up a conversation with you which will have a trickle-down effect that should increase your engagement. The other benefit of being active within higher value portfolios is that their networks are bigger - and you'll benefit from that visibility and reach, as well. 

Share Diverse Content 


When it comes to social media management it's important that you mix up your content. If you spend all your time sharing advertisements on your Twitter account your profile is likely to be as bright and engaging as a white wall. People are more likely to follow you and comment on your posts if they're interesting, informative, and entertaining. Share content that isn't yours and share it frequently.


Using your list of high-traffic accounts in your industry, find posts that fit your model or networks and retweet, repost, and re-share them to the people who are following you.  By sharing a versatile and revolving amount of content you'll be opening up the doors to further social media engagement on a multitude of levels.

Use Hashtags in Your Social Posts

Of course, you don't want to over tag your posts, but you definitely want to use them and take advantage of trending topics (as they happen) and quite often that requires the use of hashtags. 


By using hashtags you can reach out and get your messages seen by social media users who aren’t already following you. The larger the hashtag population, and activity levels, the more reach you will have, and, the more often you can use hashtags to introduce your business or brand to a new audience. 

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How to Outsmart the Instagram Algorithm in 2022

High-Quality Photos and Video Content


Some of the most liked and shared posts on Instagram have one commonality: they tend to include high-quality photography and videography. Since it is mostly a visual platform, it makes sense that users prefer content that optically stimulates them.


Videos are especially beneficial because they grab the attention of users as they're scrolling. This leads people to engage with your profile for longer periods of time, which tells the algorithm to showcase your profile to them more often.


Share Stories Frequently and Go Live More Often


Although Instagram asserts that stories carry no weight on the algorithm, we have a fair argument as to why you should still use them. They recently passed the 500 million daily user mark, which means they're an extremely popular feature. What better way to get people engaging with your profile than to pop up in their daily dose of stories?


In conjunction with stories, going live is something you should do whenever you have the chance. One main reason why is that when you go live, users receive an actual notification. Your profile also pops up prior to the barrage of stories that often accumulate, putting you right in the face of your users even if they're not currently interacting with your profile.

Cultivate Interactions by Hosting Contests and Giveaways

We know that the algorithm favors meaningful content and engagement. The key here lies in cultivating interactions with users. There are a few ways to do this - firstly, you can encourage interactions by asking users to drop a comment, tag a friend, or answer questions. Secondly, you can draw users in by hosting contests and giveaways. You can even ask users to share your profile with others in order to be eligible.

Use #Hashtags as Part of Your Content Strategy

Hashtags are a great way to increase your visibility in a matter of seconds. Take a look at some of the most popular hashtags out there. You might notice that there is a rhyme and a reason for each one.


In order for hashtags to be effective, they should follow a 3-tier format. Include various hashtags that represent your brand, your product, and your community. Doing so increases the likelihood of users that are searching for those relevant hashtags to stumble across your content.

Post More Often During Popular Times

Last but not least, do you ever wonder why some posts get more likes and shares than others? You think you have an intellectually stimulating, eye-popping post yet the numbers of likes slowly plummets it into being one of your least popular endeavors?

Make sure part of your social media marketing plan includes posting at the busiest times of the day.

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